Envisaged Outcome 1: 

Demonstrate alternative (rapid and effective) methods for land administration in pilot areas

Data on gender division in pilot areas

May 2019

This PDF shows the men/women division regarding land ownership in the different villages in the pilot areas. The tables show a more or less equal gender presence.

Public Inspection: an important step towards a transparent and reliable land administration

April 2019

The public inspection forms part of the Fit-for-Purpose (FFP) methodology.The Colombian village Costa Rica (municipality Vistahermosa) is one of the two pilot regions of the Land In Peace project. The video shows the public inspection in the village, the last step in FFP before formalisation of land. During the public inspection the community gathers to check the data collected in the field.Land owners sign by agreement in front of the whole community.This is the basis for a reliable land administration. After the public inspection we have a map with the different colors of the boundaries.We hand over this data base to the National Land Agency in order to continue with the legal process and the land formalization. The vast majority of the neighbors is agreeing on their boundaries. Less than 1% of the boundaries in 6 pilot areas was ‘red’ (disagreement on boundaries). 99% of the boundaries were ‘green’(agreement on boundaries).

Map of a vereda after a public inspection. The green lines mean agreement, the orange mean absence of the participant and red line means disagreement on the parcel boundary.


Handing out first 17 land titles to peasants in Apartadó region

November 2018

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte, ANT president Myriam Martinez and the Colombian Minister of Agriculture Andres Valencia handed out the first 17 land titles to peasants in the municipalityof Apartadó. Read here more about this event.

Annual Report August 2017 - Octobre 2018 

Octobre 2018

In the first project year pre-pilots were carried out to test and fin tune a fast, affordable and participative approach for land administration in rural post conflict areas. This annual report presents the actual developments of the project, the results so far and the upcoming challenges.

 FFP Methodology for Field Data Collection and Data Handling

Mach 2018

Paper prepared for presentation at the “2018 World Bank conference on land and poverty”


Presentation in images and quotes of the Land In Peace Project

January 2019

Via this link you find a visual impression of the Land in Peace project. The presentation served as input for the Work Bank Conference on Poverty 2019 for keynote speaker Jack Dangermond. Dangermond is the co-founder of ESRI.


Envisaged Outcome 2: 

Formulate a national rollout plan for rapid and effective land administration


Envisaged Outcome 3: 

A relevant contribution to improve the effectiveness of the cooperation

Land parcel certificate

This example of a land certificate is the final product of an academic exercise carried out by Kadaster and the Universidad Distrital F.J.C., who seek to test and adjust a methodology for the topographic survey of rural land properties.


Memorandum of Understanding SNR and Dutch Embassy

July 2018

The Dutch ambassador Jeroen Roodenburg signs a memorandum of understanding with SNR director on the Land in Peace project.


Envisaged Outcome 4: 

Development of capacity for the maintenance of the cadastre and registry at the municipal level


FFP Manual

Manual for local grassroots surveyors to learn how to apply the FFP-methodology

Schermafbeelding 2019-01-13 om 23.05.26.png

Certificates for participation local youth

Local grassroots surveyors receive a certificate after their participation in the project. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte handed out 5 certifications to local youth in the Apartadó region for their great help in the field.

Start Orange Knowledge project ITC University Twente and Universidad Distrital de Bogotá

January 2019

The Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas in Bogota aims to become the national reference centre for Land Administration in Colombia. Thanks to a grant of the Orange Knowledge Program, a research and education program will be developed for Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration.The program will starts academic year (2019) and continues until 2021.